Halftracks Currently for Sale
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M2A1 Half Track With Roller

This is a very clean vehicle, overall condition is very good. The engine doesn't run. Tracks are good. The rear bed is original and only needs side armor to box the vehicle up. The rear bed "floor" is in very nice condition.


I have a used take out engine available for this vehicle seperately or the parts in stock to rebuild the old motor.


M-16 Half Track (M-15 Chassis)

1/4/2015 Update: Quad has been sold with the spacer ring. New Price Change is $38,500.00

This vehicle is like going back to the 80s when vehicles were available like this all the time, BUT as we all know it is no longer like that anymore. This one has been stored in a showroom for 19 years.

The vehicle runs and drives just fine. Good oil pressure, and doesn't smoke. All the armor is original - NO reproduction armor. Tracks and bogie wheels are in very nice condition. There are no badly rusted areas; just spots of surface rust in hidden areas. There is one small piece of armor missing in the rear of the vehicle. A complete brake job is necessary. It will also need a new wire harness and the dash to be rebuilt. The fenders are in near perfect condition. Quad is in very nice condition; it is unrestored and NOT de-milled. All the gun holders are on the quad, and it has a 10" spacer ring under it.

I drove this vehicle for 20 minutes hard and off road. Everything worked well for a unrestored vehicle. Vehicles like this one are very hard to find anymore. Feel free to call any time for more information.



M 3 Green Half Track

This vehicle is in very nice condition. It came from Texas and has very little rust on it. Due to weather, I have not yet been able to start it up (as of June 11, 2008). The previous owner said it ran fine a year ago. It has almost like new bogie clusters on it. It is missing one track, the cab roof can be unbolted for removal, and there is a gas tank on the bulkhead.

Updated 8-12-2008: I installed a battery and poured some gas in the carburetor and the engine started right up.
I have used tracks available for $500.00 ea., or new tracks for $1295.00 ea.



M 2 White Half Track

New Price: $3500 w/o tracks
Right track is in very good condition (90%), left track is good (50%). Most of the Bogie wheels are in very good condition. This vehicle has a crane mounted on it. It has not been stretched, but there is some extra frame plating mounted to the sides of the frame rail. The engine has had the head off for some time; condition is unknown. Good take-out motors are available, as are all the other parts necessary to restore it. TRACKS HAVE BEEN SOLD. Price is now $3500.00.


M2 White Half Track

Cab and chassis with rear body floor and track armor. Motor should run and has two combat wheels. $5750.00