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question about overheating

Date Submitted: 02/11/03
Hi, I have problems with my white M-3 half track, after start the engine for 15 minutes the water begins to boiling. can I run the engine with out thermostat? thanks hector mexico city

You may want to check if your Stat is froze, this happens alot, to test this take out your Stat and place it in a pot of boiling water and watch and see if it opens, if it does not then you have a problem, I dont know alot about flat heads, but i can tell you this, you need a Stat, without one your engine could not warm up all the way making less power,without a Stat you could also overheat dew to nothing slowing down the water in the RAD to be cooled. keep you Stat so you can find another at an autoparts store. let me know what you find out. Steve Chludzinski 02/13/03
Hello Hector, Yes you can run the engine temporarly without a thermostat to stop the overheating problem. Your engine should run very cool. I do have NOS thermostats in stock. You will NOT find one at an auto parts store. They are very different than a normal automotive thermostat. you can contact me at GARY@HALFTRACKS.COM OR CALL 630-257-1100 Gary Hebding Gary Hebding 02/13/03
Gary, i didnt think he would find one at an auto parts store, tho i was holding out a little, see i was able to get a fuel filter (Fram no less) for a chevy 409 engine, its really cool its a glass incased filter with a cast upper with a type of bucket handel that holds the glass cup to the cast part, if it wasnt for the 3/8 fuel tube i would have used it on my GTO, Tho i did work at the auto parts store at the time i was able to find alot of old "no part number" in the book parts, but part guys now are nothing like before, i worked in a ma and paw auto parts place that are now gone. Gary, you would make my day if you would sign my guest book at my web-page, it would let more people know about your page, use html it works in my book. Long live the fighters U.S.Army Steve Chludzinski 02/13/03
thanks Steve and Gary, I solve my problem cleaning the thermostat, now my Half Track runs great!!! but I will be in touch with Gary for parts!!! thanks a lot Hector Romo de Vivar L. Mexico city Hector Romo de Vivar 02/15/03