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international type?

Date Submitted: 02/18/03
hey guys, that HT i was telling u abt i have no clue what model it is, but i know it is an int. so i was woundering if anybody knew what types of HT inter. made thanks matt

Hi Matt. Be careful about what your buying in an IH. parts are very hard to find for them. If it is a runner then make the most out of it while you can. Gary Gary Hebding 02/18/03
People say that IHC parts are hard to get e.g. brakes etc but I have had no problems repairing anything (not that much has ever gone wrong) Sleve wheel cylinders with S/S and cups etc are all standard stuff. Motor and electrical parts should not be hard to get, especially in the USA, as they are the same as commercial Red Diamond 450 parts. The International 450 c.i.d. motor seems to have a lot more torgue than the White sidevalve 360 c.i.d. engine. The Internationals were produced latter part of the war and incorperated improvements on the White / Diamond models. They also have a much more attractive military dashboard with enough gauges and switches to keep a pilot happy!! Peter Lyttle 07/03/03