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Track identification

Date Submitted: 04/29/03
I've been trying to figure out which military vehicle this track came from. I think its supposed to be weasel track, but I can't find any weasels with anything like this. I was hoping that this was some sort of track used on a 6x6 or something. Does anyone know where I can get replacement track like this? Or atleast what it came off of? The rear end (in the jeep) is also strange. Here is a picture of the track "spares": Here is the location of the vehicle description: Thanks for your time, Grant

Hello Grant, Very interesting vehicle. Keep it running !!! The track is not a Weasel track, i am very sure, because we have in collection. I think is i for a kind of snowmobile The meters in the dash are form Weasel, and the dif also. But the brakingsystem and suspension not. I hope you can use this info !!! GREETING FROM HOLLAND... Jorgen Boumans 07/18/04