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Date Submitted: 11/23/03
What is the normal half-track fuel? I am a newcomer to the world of half tracks and am doing a bit of research before I design another one.

I'm going out on a little limb on this one, tho I might get a bunch of corrections i'm going to say Led fuel with an octane rating around 78. This was based on a 6x6 of the 50s I dont remember the number that was written on the duce but i know it was below 87 because a told my bud (joking) that 87 would blow the heads off! aslo if its anything like the 6x6 you might see multiple fuel (this would depend if it had a multiple fuel carb on it), I was told by an old WW2 vet that you could put just about anything (liquid) that burns, even wisky, he used to do genarators in the WW2 and told me he had to use lamp oil once. I would stick with 87 with a higher priced led addtive, unless you want to keep it orignal i would look for an old 1 barrel Webber or Holley, a 70-80s Jeep Iron Duke carb may be your ticket, tho Gary mostlikely has what you need. good luck! Stephen Chludzinski U.S.Army "ENGINEERS CLEAR THE WAY" Steve Chludzinski 11/24/03
Be sure to use a lead substitute in your fuel. Old fuels were leaded and old engines need lead for their valves to keep from sticking. Ron Leatherman 02/06/04