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engine replacement

Date Submitted: 11/28/03
would it be possible to replace an engine in a half track with something a bit newer, say a 455 chevrolet gasoline engine?

I asked the same question, tho I havnt had an answer I would seem to think that the 1/2 track has a devoirced transfer case like the 6x6. Devoriced means that a driveshaft gos to the transfer case, so you could put just about anything you wanted in. I think a 454 is a bad choice because this beast is all gearing, a better choice is a chevy V6 or a reg 350, a V6 would be best with a 700R4 or if you had the $$ a 4L80E transmission you would need a JET or other CPU to control the trans, however this is a over drive TH400 strong stuff, and it would be the best thing you can put in. Also read my question in here, one guy who drives his trax on the street says that the trac trys to twist off at high speeds. If you do this E mail me I plan on doing something like this in the future. 12 Bs and want to bes Steve Chludzinski 02/26/04