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Date Submitted: 12/21/03
Happy holidays everybody, This is my 1st time on this site. My question is would a Tachometer from a half-track work in a Dodge M-37 Powerwagon? I am wondering if anyone out there would have some sort of electrical diagram.The vehicle has a 12 volt system and is a 230 cubic inch 6 cylinder flat-head motor.

A tach for a halftrack is cable diven, and maybe even halftrack specific. Ron Leatherman 02/06/04
If you want to go "aftermarket" I would go with a CYBERDYNE digital guage, this is why, if you do any real off roading the unit can be sealed with a $5 hot gule gun making it waterproof,trying to do so with any other would be very hard, some even come with built in shift lights, also you have the choice between numbers, or numbers with a bar that lights up as the RPM get higher, they come in diff sizes. Summit Racing has what you need, Good luck 12 Bs and want to bes Steve Chludzinski 02/26/04