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HT Wheels removing

Date Submitted: 12/26/03
Hello to all, I'm new in the HT scene, and have a questition about the front wheels from my M16 HT. Is any body out there, they can give me infos to get the tires from the rims. Have the ventilated ones not the combat rims. And need also infos about the tube inside cant find any valve to let the air !? out. Have not much references at that time, it is a brand new restauration objekt for me, and a little bit more bigger and complicated than the Jeeps I have. Thanks for any help. You can mail me direct to Hope my english to understand. I'm from Bavaria (Germany) Best Regards Josef

If you are unsure of how your tires come apart, please take them to your local tire store and have them work on it. If these are split rims for some reason, please be careful, for they can seriously injure or even kill a person if not worked on properly. Ron Leatherman 02/06/04