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Any advice?

Date Submitted: 01/04/04
I'm interested in getting a scout car restoration project. Can anyone point me to some good resources ofr information?

Doesn't look like you have gotten any responses. Has this site been abandoned? Who are you and where are you from? Are you an MVPA member? They have what is called the Supply Line that isn noting but vendors/dealers. Vehicle shows are a great place, too. What condition is your Scout Car? I just found this site, but I'd like to see more exchange of ideas and info... - Jay Reid McKinney, Tx Jay Reid 03/14/04
I was beginning to think the same thing, is there anybody out there except for jay and myself. i am not an mvpa member but because i live in the uk i am a member of the mvt.this appears to be a good site so how about you people who have put you names on the owners site, get talking and help each other out for questions and help.reference scout cars. phil PHILIP BARROW 04/17/04
i need to know what the best scoutcar is to git steven marshall 04/11/07