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Thanks for nothing!

Date Submitted: 01/16/04
Sorry, but this is the most bored, slowest and realy unhelpfull forum I ever seen!! Thanks for nothing! Best Regards Josef Sleep further, nothing else!

hello josef i dont know if this will help but i have a maintanace book on international halftracks whitch shows the valve bolted to the bead lock if u cannot see the valve it may be on the inside off the wheel if it was put on back to front but what ever u do dont unbolt side ring thats the 18 bolts on front side of wheel with air still in as injury is possible hope this helps mark mark butler 01/18/04
Don't be too critical - it's not as though it's a service which you are paying for. It is complimentary, and I'm sure, provided in good faith by Gary Hebding. How often it is used is out of his control. Peter Lyttle 02/16/04
Hes just mad cuz all the voices are talking to me! ENGINEERS CLEAR THE WAY! Steve Chludzinski 02/26/04