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dumb questions

Date Submitted: 06/03/04
Have a few questions as far as I can tell there is no diffrence in the cab& chassie from an m2 or m3 is this true? Also the dash, fenders, front armor, and floor boards out of an m3a1 scout car would they work on a half track? I know these may be basic questions but trying to gety started here so Thanks. Logan

I am pretty sure that M2 and M3 frames are the same length. The bodies are diffent from rear of the cab back, with the M2 being shorter. The dashes may be the same. I have been told the fenders are the same, and that the hoods on scout cars are shorter. Call Gary and talk to him about the differances. He will know for sure. He is great guy to get to know. If you are going to cut and paste a scout car onto a halftrack, my advice is don't do it! Scout cars are rare too. Keep it and fix it up as well. Reprodution, NOS, and TO parts are available for both. Ron Leatherman 06/09/04
M3 is 10 inch longer frame Dave  Morrison 12/25/12
M3 is 10 inch longer frame Dave  Morrison 12/25/12