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Looking for Halftrack Hulk

Date Submitted: 08/03/04
Trying to help some 194th Tank Bn WW2 Bataan veterans locate a Halftrack hulk for conversion to a Memorial in Salinas, CA. All they need is a body that looks good after a paint job and tire. No engine or drive train required. It will be put on a slab of concret with a cover for enternity. They have an M3A2 that's in prime shape and runs like a top, but they want to gut it..AAHHH. Trying like heck to talk em out it. Maybe a chace for a good deal.

They had M2's if this helps Dirk  Hale 08/03/04
There is a guy in Stockton that has what I beleive is an M3A1 sitting in a field for $3000.00. It has no doors, or rear armor. If interested let me know, and I will get his name/number. Don. Donald Luthey 10/19/04