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getting bolts off of armor

Date Submitted: 01/26/05
hi fellas. is there any trick to getting the bolts off of the armor to replace some pieces? i soaked them in kroil, and can get the nut to turn, but the screw head is something different. torch???

Hello bolts are costly over here so I try and save them I made a screw driver out of a piece of cut armor ground it down to fit the head exactly and have had reall good luck with it. Logan  Reese 02/01/05
Hello, First, use a penetrating oil like PB Blaster. Then break the nut loose with your 9/16" wrench. I made a "screw driver" out of a Craftsman 3/4" cold chisel. I reshaped it to fit the oval slot heads. The shank on this chisel is a 5/8" hex, and is perfect to put a 5/8" deep well socket over...this is so that you can "carefully" use a 3/8" drive impact to do the work. If you have someone helping you, have them hold the wrench while you "feather" the impact slowly. If no one is helping you, use the new vise-grip "nut" pliers. Sometimes you will need to heat the nut and split them off with an air chisel if they are stubborn, rounded of from rust, of if the slot is messed up. Hope this helps! Ron Leatherman 02/02/05