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Date Submitted: 06/27/02
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Hi, I know there must be more Scout Car owners out there. I want to create a Scout Car registry. Anyone interested in helping? I need to know about your car, numbers, condition, markings, history, etc. Thanks, Bill Z. Bill Zukauskas 07/24/02
I know Lloyd White has a list: he gave me what he thought would be a good Ordnance number when I told him the frame serial number off my scout car. I also understand that the MVPA put out a book 10 years ago with all the vehicles owned by members, and there were scout cars throughout the book. I used the book to determine that my vehicle was less than 150 vehicles away from Rod Shaver's scout car, and then used this information to guestimate that mine was made in about October/November of 1942. Don Kitchen 08/11/02
My Scout Car was imported from Australia in 1999 where it had been used as a water tank carrier for a Bush Fire Brigade from 1951 to the early 90's. The back had been removed by unbolting and flat deck fitted for the tank. Dual wheels were fitted at the back, and it was painted red with a wooden top on the cab. The roller was cut off, but was supplied with the vehicle, as were the inner rear guards and some other parts. The mileage was low and the engine and running gear are all in good condition. The original registration number reads USA 608888724, Ordnance Serial 15461, Frame 266419. I estimate the manufacture date at about June 1943. The Australian Army sold these Lend-Lease vehicles in reasonable quantity in the early 50's for 250 Pounds ($500 Aussie or about $300 US!) Rod Woods 11/15/02
Sorry! I held my finger on the key. The reistration number should read USA 6088724. Rod Woods 11/15/02
Looks like a few days have passed since the last posting! My Scout Car belonged to the 1st Armored Div, 91st Reccn Hq Veh. #7. I found it out in west Texas several years ago - on my wife's grandmother's farm. It was used a a farm truck, but was still in remarkable shape, with only the rear armor having been cut and used as a tailgate, The bumper had a section cut out of the middle and lowered to allow for the "tailgate" and pintle. It still had most of its markings, including part of the yellow bridge load on the front right bumper. It was in about 90% original condition when found. All I lack now is brakes and new wiring to get it running (minus radio(s) skate rail and MGs) I have the antenas/mast , seats, windows, instruments, and lots of other goodies, including an original 1942 manual. Any help you have that will make my last few steps easier will be greatly appreciated. I have been an MVPA member off and on for the past 10 years. - Jay Reid McKinney, Texas Jay Reid 03/14/04
It's been a long time since I've had the chance to respond or even review this forum. My Scout Car has been seeing a lot of use for parades and WW II re-enactments. I took it to New Orleans for the D-Day Museum Pacific Theatre wing opening in 2002. There are it turns out, three other Scout Cars in Florida, Bruce Lamberto has one in Miami, Clint Stephens in Orlando, and there is one in the Tampa area. I would love to have a mini Scout car ralley some where in the state. What's evryone else been doing with their M3's? Bill Z. Bill Zukauskas 04/05/04
Friends, I just purchased a White Scout Car M3A1 from a farmer in Western Oklahoma. It appears that 4 extra feet were added to the frame and an entire, very well crafted roof was welded to the top of the driving compartment. There is no armor on the rear, but 2 new I beams were welded on top of the original frame. Can anyone help me figure out why this was done? Could it have held a tanker for the military? Are there any good references I should check out? Thank you in advance! Matt Ferdock Matt Ferdock 07/29/07