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Seat Backs

Date Submitted: 08/07/05
Hi Guys Can anyone give me the measurements of the seat backs for a M3 half track?? I have the base's and the up uprights, but no seat backs, any measurments or photos would be great. Tim

Tim have found a back of a seat yet. I saw one this summer in Spokane, WA. The guys name is Dave and he has a surplus store with a few HT parts. It was lying in a bunch of stuf, and the complete seat had the metal back your looking for. He is moving and he wanted to get most of his HT stuf out of there. Here is his email Ask him if he'll look and see if he still has it Good luck. Greg Greg Zeleny 09/28/05
Tim, I have wgat is left of an original plywood seatback that I used to make mine. I have forgotten the measurement, so I will remeasure it an post it here soon, Ron Leatherman Ron Leatherman 12/22/05