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Paint Color Codes

Date Submitted: 12/26/05
I'm starting a restoration project on a M16A2 halftrack. I'm looking for color codes for the camouflage paint. Where do I begin my research or does anyone here have the paint codes?

Find an area that has not been disturbed like behind your front lever shocks. Ususally the original paint is under there, mine was. My half-track was originally paint a color that Army Jeep Parts ( sells, it is called AJP WWII Semi-gloss and it was used from 1944 thru 1957. It is a good bet that it is the same color that your M16A2 was painted. From what I have discovered M16A2 were "converted" from M16's (hence the fold down armor at the top)to include a rear door. These conversions were done in the late 1950's. I have photo of a M16A2 that shows the rear door and it has stenciling on it indicating it was re-built in 1958. Read next post..... Ron Leatherman 01/10/06
Since these were converted in the late '50's there is a chance that it could have also been painted 24087 semi-gloss that was used from 1957 and up. There were only 400 or so of these made, so you have a rare bird there. Do some investigating on your machince before you strip all the paint off, for there is a story under it. And if you do careful wet sanding on your hood and bumpers were the serial and unit numbers were placed, you may even find them, for I did! Ron Leatherman Ron Leatherman 01/10/06