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Favorite links

Date Submitted: 07/02/02
Hey Gary, how about giving us some of your favorite resources and links.

Resources, I have purchased every book, magazine and publication that i can get my hands on. I started at portrail press and just asked him to send me everything that was in stock that had a half track in it. I would have to do some digging and pull out all of my books to give any specific details. Links, I know that there are many and i had them all saved in my favorite section untill my computer became infected with the last virus that came out and destroyed my computer. thats what happens when you do not keep up with new updates. Gary Hebding 07/02/02
Where can I find information to find particular history of a halftrack, in regard to where it served. Have date plate number 1452. Need your help Thanks Nancy Nancy Holland 11/11/05