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Skate rail questions

Date Submitted: 08/17/02
I assume that there are others out there who, like me, need a skate rail to hang a machine gun from. I'll gladly introduce Mr. Visa or Ms. Master Card to the owner of an existing skate rail, but when they are not available, has anyone looked into the idea of making one? The overall dimentions are given in the Shop Manual, and someone must have a piece of the rail for its dimentions, so where is the repro? My scout is still a ways away from needing the rail, but at some point we'll need to look at fabrication if an original is not around. So, what have others done?

My M3A1 is like yours, and will be a few months before I get around to the skate rail. I had planned to fabricate one from steel according to the dimensions in the Base Shop Manual, and scaling from photos. I also plan to make the gun carriages. I would appreciate some detailed dimensions if anyone has them. If not, I will make the rail and post the results here when done. Rod Woods 11/15/02
Hi,I have an M3A1 and the skate rail is made of several parts all welded together to form one rail,just like a rail road track,but while at The War and Peace show at Beltring England,I came across one that was bolted together! The owner said it was Original. Peter Tipping Peter Tipping 08/14/07