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International engine

Date Submitted: 09/05/02
I have an M5 without its original engine, so I am looking around for a replacement. What other International trucks have this "Red Diamond" engine, and how long was it produced? Are there any sources for parts?

Some one back in the 80s wrote a great story for Army Motors on rebuilding a M-5. In the story he stated that the motor {Red Diamond}was made up into the 60s, and that parts where still easy to find at your parts store. One of the few, the proud, Frank Frank Brewer 09/06/02
The International RD450 block used in the Halftracks is slightly different to those used in trucks. It has a flat milled surface on the front of the block where the water pump mounts, which the truck motors do not have. You could possibly modify the truck block to suit? The water pump is mounted low on the halftrack to clear the hood. The halftrack sump also has an oil cooler which the truck motor will not have. Peter Lyttle 11/16/02
Hi Lars, I got a good and running spare 450 RED. You can mail me for the details. Ben Ben Jonkman 12/25/06