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engine flush

Date Submitted: 11/11/02
Hi Gary, Thanks for previous answers.When I removed the oil filter the canister has about an inch of sludge in the bottom.I had to poke my finger thru the sludge to get the oil out of the oil pan.Any suggestions how I can clean the inside of the block,without a teardown,before I add clean oil?

with that amount of sludge in the bottom of the oil pan I would drop the pan and clean it out completely. There has to be an excessive amount of sludge inside the pan. There has to be more sludge inside the motor but most of it would have settled in the bottom of the oil pan. Im sure there is probably a product that will help clean the internal components that can be added with new oil and a filter. you might consider checking with your local auto parts store. a second oil change after running the vehicle around town a few times will also help in cleaning out the motor. I have NOS oil filters in stock. Gary Gary Hebding 11/11/02