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Chassis numbers

Date Submitted: 11/14/02
Help! Can anybody out there please date my halftrack? The serial plate is missing. The halftrack is an early M3 model as it has the truck style head lights and the scalloped type wheels. It has been rebuilt as a M3A1 probably during the war. The chassis number is Autocar M3A1 1574. There seems to be little published information on production dates/chassis numbers so my best guess is late 1942. I would like to stamp a blank plate with the production date so any assistance would be appreciated.

If yours is an M3 that was converted to an M3A1, is was probably made in May of 1943 along with 338 others that month. There were 3635 M3's made from June 1941 to September 1943. There were 300 M3A1's made in October 1943. There were 1360 M3 75MM GMC's converted to M3A1's from March 1944 to June 1945. Ron Leatherman 06/10/04
The above information that I gave represents production numbers for AutoCar only, which whom your frame would indicate produced it. White and Diamond-T made them too, but with odd frame numbers. Ron Leatherman 06/10/04