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Israeli Halftracks

Date Submitted: 11/16/02
Does anyone have any experience with the Israeli Halftracks which have the diesel engine fitted? What type of engine is used? how do they preform? Have these halftracks been altered much by the Israelies? What is the going rate for these vehicles?

I seen one some years ago and this one had a 6V53 Detroit Diesel in it. They are severly modified, the dash was cut out over the passenger seat area to fit in a massive air cleaner assy.there was a new dash installed in front of the steering column with modern gauges. I believe thare was come torch work on the fire wall also. windshield armor was cut around the passenger area to install a machine gun mount. the engine has a lot of power and torque and would be very hard on the tracks. I have been told that you can expect approx. 600 miles on a new set. (I can supply NOS tracks at this time). I do not have any Idea what they are worth. It really depends if you are going to use it as is or bring it back to the factory condition, Gary Gary Hebding 11/17/02
As Gary says, they can be severely modified to shoehorn the diesel engine in. Sometimes they are also fitted with an automatic transmission. The body may be relatively unmolested, but can also be drastically modified to fit weapons systems, cranes etc. A friend of mine has a M3 with just the diesel modification. I've seen it standing stationary with the tracks spinning when trying to tow another vehicle! He has (allegedly) had it over 60MPH and almost let the rear end slip away when powering around a roundabout on a wet day in France! The power of the engine is amazing when compared to the original and I hate to think what stress it places on the original transmission and running gear. Saying that though, he has driven many hundreds of miles in it. I wouldn't expect to pay more than £4000 for a good ex-Israeli runner over here in the UK. They seem to get painted up in USA colors and markings but one guy had a realy nice IDF mortar carrier on display at Beltring last year. Tony Read 11/18/02
As of yesterday, October 17, 05, I am now the proud owner of an Israeli half-track. Yes the dash is cut out & at he moment the air cleaner is missing & it is adog to drive! this will get better! Need earplugs at the moment! Good condition. No back. Cabin & front look great & it came with two new spare tracks. Will keep you informed as I find out more. At the moment I have to go & try earn some $ to apy for this sucker! Certainly an impressive beast! Wife & dog have run screaming into the bush! Peter McNeill 10/17/05
Gents, I have 2x ex israeli M3 Detroit diesel half tracks, 1x International, 1x White. I used to have 3 and the one that Peter Mcneil is talking about in the above message used to be my Pop's before he died. It has been painted in the US green however I am looking to fully restore one of the items in Isaeli IDF colours. I would like to know if there are any drawings floating around for the manufacture of an M3 back tub. I am also on the lookour for a 50cal incab mount. I already have the 50cal. Cheers Crash. J Rawlings 05/13/09