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Model identification

Date Submitted: 11/20/02
I have an International halftrack which I thought was an M14, but now I,m wondering. It has a winch, all the mounts in the back for the 50 cal mags etc, only two seats in the back with the back rests against the fuel tanks, a ring of holes in the floor for the mounting of the gun. The top of the sides folds down and have a lower section in them towards the back. It has two boxes across the back of the body which cover a door which goes up to where the top flap of the body folds down. In the original handbooks that came with the vehicle, there are some very good pictures of the M14 which show the top flaps on the body to have no lower section in them. Also the plate on the glove box door has M5. Do you think that it is actually a M17 with a M5 glovebox door?