M2/M2A1 Reproduction rear armor

Pictures shown below are exact reproductions from Original parts. There is not any guess work involved! If we do not have an original then we Do Not Reproduce It! pictures of side and rear armor will be added very soon. All parts are primed and ready to paint. Parts are sold per item so you can complete your half track without having to purchase more than you need. Be sure to check out the M3/M3A1 section or this web site. For more details and information call Gary at 630-257-1100.

Do you need M2 and M3 Reproduction Bumpers? We have them!

M2/M2A1 Center Floor Pan Ammo Locker Box - rear side view
Small Ammo Box with top door open. Top latch in open position Floor Pan and Ammo Boxes Assembled
M2 Fuel Line Guards - Rear Flooring M2 Ammo Boxes Parts
Small Ammo Box shelves up side down M2 Small Ammo Box Shelves right side up
M2/M2A1 Rear Body Step Assembly 10
11 12
13 14
15 16
17 18

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